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Everyone has an attraction towards the crystals. They uplift the space and energy. Every gems and crystal has a sacred meaning. Some gems or crystals have high vibrations and rather helpful in communicating with the cosmic world. Experts strongly recommend gems for Vastu before the construction work begins. Gem posses earth energy that grounds us as individuals and also entire family to stay together & love each other.

Objects made from earth soothe, nourish, heal and, also binds. Since gemstones and crystals are the “seeds of the earth”, they also add sweetness to the Vastu premises. Anything that comes from the mother earth has a healing property. Gemstones enveloped with highly concentrated energy. With their powerful energies and profound resonance with the human body, they are almost perfect energy space healing tools. Maybe, you get more strength when you work in crystal energized space.

Gem stones or crystals are key in activating true beneficial energy in and around your space. Furthermore it builds unity with the earth.

Gems as well as Crystal heals at Five level:-

  •  Physical
  •  Emotional
  •  Mental
  •  Spiritual
  •  Psychological

Gemstones are perfect for vastu corrections because they are formed through the powerful dynamic processes of nature. As a result, gemstones embody the energy of the elements that are in harmony with vastu arrangement. They are much as a foundation deposit which automatically enhances the positive vibrations in the location.

Every Vastu has a eight directions and a center which are ruled by the different planets. Manasara as well as Mayamatam has a special chapter on ratnadyay (gem installation) indicating a chart of direction, ruling planet, gem of ruling planet and, also mantra.